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Here, it’s all about orthoptics or eyes! I’m a passionate orthoptist with a zillion ideas racing into my head. So I decided to take you to my orthoptic world. My main objective is to spread the love and educate curious minds, students and parents all about eyes and eye health. This is an interactive platform so please feel free to suggest topics, provide feedback, ask questions, comment and share. I promise to always keep my content lightly and lively.

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My Retinoscope is my friend!!

The use of the retinoscope/ opthalmoscope can feel intimidating, especially for students. For me, my disliking of retinoscope increased when I was released into the workforce and non of the clinics I worked at used it, even at the hospital! But today, the retinoscope is my friend and I’m writing this post to hopefully expand…

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Understanding Refractive Errors

A refractive error occurs when the image can’t be perfectly focused on the retina due to disturbances of the optics of the eye. The result is a blur in vision at some distance. High refractive errors can be accompanied by headaches, difficulty reading print, print jumping around, halos and glare and double vision. While refractive…

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