All About Eyes

16 Astonishing Facts About The Eye

  1. Your eye starts to develop as early as 2 weeks post conception 
  1. Babies are born colour blind and are not able to focus at faces until 8 weeks of age. 
  1. Colour vision and depth perception start to develop by the age of 5 months.  
  1. The size of your eye remains the same from birth. The visible part of the eye is about 1/6th of the total eye size. 
  1. The space between your eyebrows is called the Glabella 
  1. How many colours can you recall? Well, keep going because the eye can distinguish over 10 million different colours and 500 different shades of grey. 
  1. Humans can see more shades of green than any other colour. No wonder my favourite colour is green!! 
  1. The human eye processes yellow first, which is why it is used in cautionary signs. 
  1. Your eye is the second most complex organ after your brain. 
  1. Your eye doesn’t really see! You probably heard that your eye functions same way as a camera. The lens transmits light to the retina, which then converts it to signals through photoreceptors and sends them to the brain to do all the visual magic through the optic nerve. 
  1. While some theorists claim humans evolved from apes, the closest cornea to humans belongs to sharks!! It has even been used in surgeries for corneal transplants.  
  1. The world’s most common eye colour is brown! 
  1. Blue-eyed people share common ancestry with every other blue-eyed person 
  1. Some people/ and animals are born with different colour in each eye. Google celebrities with heterochromia iridis!!  
  1. Blind people can see their dreams as long as they weren’t born blind. 
  1. The amniotic membrane taken from a placenta during a caesarean operation and harvested in sterile environment can be used to treat many different ocular surface diseases  


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