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Parents: What to expect at the orthoptist visit

What to expect in your child’s first visit to the eye specialist.

In most practices, an orthoptist would be the first point of contact for you and your child. Orthoptists are university trained eye health professionals specialising in non-surgical eye conditions relating to eye movement disorders and vision problems.

Orthoptists are highly trained to work with children, however, it is a great idea to spend a few minutes with your child prior to your appointment explaining the purpose of the visit and what is to be expected.

Usually, children will be examined and assessed in a playful manner.

The orthoptist will conduct a few tests to determine:

  1. The child’s level of vision. If one eye or both eyes are reduced or if vision is on track according to child’s age.
  2. If the child needs the aid of glasses, consequently child would be referred to an optometrist.
  3. If the child has amblyopia or lazy eye
  4. The functioning of eye muscles, if there’s an imbalance causing eye turns or squints
  5. Other eye conditions

Next, the orthoptist may schedule future appointments to non surgically treat the diagnosis through eye exercises or might refer you to an ophthalmologist for further intervention. 

When to know if your child needs a visit to the orthoptist? Have a read at the next post for red flags your child might have vision problems.


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