For Students

Two Great Mobile Apps For Orthoptic, Optometry and Visual Science Students

Hi students

I have come across two really great apps to help guide you throughout your course. Unfortunately, I have missed out on them when I was a student but these apps are a great refresher for working eye-health professionals and can still be beneficial at the workplace.

App #1: Human Eye

This app is all about anatomy, great for first year students. The App has a visual 3D model of the eye parts with a description of each. Additionally, it provides a summary of common eye conditions.

App #2: Eye Handbook

This app is absolutely amazing! The creators have done a great job making it an all-inclusive app. It’s really all you need. The menu contains tabs for a couple of handy things such as

  • Eye tests: VA, Amsler Grid, Colour Vision, Duochrome test, OKN drum and even a Fluorescein light!!
  • A bunch of calculators: The top 4 used at uni would be: (bifocal Add depending on age, amplitude of accommodation, Transposition and VA convertor). Many more are also included such as IOL calculations including for those who have undergone previous LASIK/PRK surgery, Plaquenil dosing calculator, etc.
  • A list of Eye Meds
  • Eye Atlas: Showing images of eye conditions and their description
  • EHB Manual: including almost all eye conditions with their definitions, Epidemiology, Pathophysiology, History taking, Differential diagnosis, Examinaton, Work up, Treatment, followup, as well as recent research!!
  • Some Educational videos

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