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Visual Perception Activity Resources

Colour Chart

Compliments the attached Amblyopia Activity Books

The Colour Chart is designed to encourage the eye to move in four directions, activating all 6 muscles of the eye. Eye tracking is achieved when the child follows through the numbers.

The child can pick a pencil colour matching the first number on the chart and colour in the picture as best-suitable or if the picture is numbered, the child can actively look for and match the number of the picture to be coloured to the one on the chart. There are 12 basic colours usually available in most standard 12 colour kits.

For increased difficulty, involve the visual perception component by using the alphabets shown on the colour boxes as you move through the numbers to name an object starting with that alphabet and characterised by that colour. For example, Box 1 is green and has the letter A: Green Apple.

Amblyopia Pirate Activity Book

Suitable for ages 3-8.

Can be used for general visual perception skills training