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Glaucoma Awareness Week 2022

Primary Open Angle Glaucoma is the most common type of glaucoma, with a prevalence of just over 55 million people living with the condition WORLDWIDE! It is also the world’s leading cause of blindness. What’s really crushing is that it can be easily prevented if detected early. However, the sneaky condition often goes unnoticed as it has no alarming symptoms. Some people aware of the presence of the condition do not take the simple treatment seriously, since it’s available in forms of eye drops. Before you know it, the sneak thief has already stolen 40% of your vision! The vision lost is not reversible.

Glaucoma is a condition, often hereditary (but doesn’t have to be) that slowly damages the optic nerve due to high pressures in the eye. The types of glaucoma are many. Just keep in mind trauma or eye injury, the shape of the eye, including characteristics such as thickness of corneas and shallow angles, or even prolonged use of certain medication may put you at risk of glaucoma.

In light of glaucoma awareness week, my main objective is sharing the risk factors as it includes many groups. Get to know if you are at risk and get your eyes checked regularly before its too late.


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